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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

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Thanks to UEFI it's very difficult to boot linux these days,

I must say that I have not truly experienced this. We use Linux tools to repair or recover data from borked windows machines (at least until full disk encryption makes that impossible), so we're net booting usually some variant of Mint/Ubuntu - and I still haven't sorted out a UEFI system for that.

But having said that, I do find it to be "an interesting coincidence" that not long before all this mess began, we had the whole UEFI mess as well with the concerns related to that (yes yes I know current standards say alternatives must be able to boot with very few exceptions - problem with standards and exceptions is they creep, since (especially in MS's case) such things are often made by creeps).

Anyway, just strikes me as maybe a little too coincidental that there was a way to potentially lock you into MS's choice of OS on the hardware, and then all this with W10....

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