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Upgrade tonight

I suggest that Mickeysoft change their Upgrade to Win 10 screen by including the following options

Upgrade in the morning

Upgrade aroung brunch time

Upgrade as a nooner

Upgrade in the early afternoon

Upgrade at Tea Time

Upgrade while at the Loo

Upgrade at the Pub

Upgrade in the Tub

and what not...

Of course, it would never occur to them to say: Upgrade to Win10 while making the whole

"Graphical User Interface" aka GUI "look and work like Win 7. That would be too easy.

Likewise, it would never enter their mind to say: "For every installed piece of software and for

every connected piece of hardware (printer, scanner, screen, mouse) that stops working after

installing Win 10, we will give you 200 British Pounds". Because that would be like "putting your

money where your big mouth is".

Plus, it would not ever be possible for them to say: "We want you to be in charge of your computer. We want you to decide how it looks, how it works, how it functions, how many windows it has open, whether you can have tabbed browsing, whether you can play a CD or DVD, what colors it has got, where the control panel is, whether you want this or that update, we want you to be utterly comfortable with Windows 10!"

Noooo, that would be impossible to promise to customers! Utterly impossible, Raven, Nevermore! Betcha a billion bucks!

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