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You're right. VMs are the easiest way to ease out from one OS into another. I've XP running under VMs to use data created under legacy apps that have no upgrade path to Win 7 or anything else (i.e.: the old pgm won't work under any newer OS).

Also, there's a comfort zone associated with VMs, they're a bit like Linus' security blanket, yuh know you've something familiar with which to fallback upon either when you're in a hurry or a solution in the new OS isn't obvious immediately and or without effort.

Then eventually one day you suddenly realize the past is over/passé and transition finally complete after you've reinstall the new OS but have not bothered to reinstall the VM. Over recent years this has happened to me a few times.

Seems to me that with the advent of Win 10, those of us in the know should be both advocating VM solutions as well as helping others to make that transition.

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