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MSFT fires shotgun at both feet

I have several middle-aged netbooks...each currently worth about $50.00 USD on Ebay...that run 32-bit Windows 7 "starter". I've been getting the MSFT "free Win 10 upgrade" pop-ups and full-screen blocks for several weeks. So I figured, "Why not try it?" I made a hard drive backup of both systems, using Clonezilla, and then clicked on the "upgrade to Win 10 now" button. To make a long story short, it doesn't work. On either netbook. On netbook #1 I get a screen that says, "Downloading Windows 10 - Getting setup files...". This screen has been visible for nearly three days now. Since late Thursday night...14-Jan-2016. Windows task manager shows zero/nada/zilch network activity. On netbook #2 the install self aborts. It leaves a message on the desktop, in the lower right hand corner, to the effect that the operating system " not genuine". Since I purchased the name-brand netbook new, from a reputable vendor, with the OS and considerable bloatware pre-installed, I suspect the MSFT alert is mistaken. So. Two trials with the MSFT "Free Win 10 Upgrade". Two failures. 100% FUBAR. I'll be reloading the original Win 7 starter OS on both systems on Monday. It's a holiday here, and so I'll have the day free.

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