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Groundhog Day!

Except I do not see Bill Murray. There is quite an industry out there of parasitic marketing twats taking the generic phenomenon of people working together, communicating, using common sense, having the skills to do the job and generally not being wankers and then branding it so they can hawk this nonsense to cretins.

Can El Reg please tell us what these plonkers pay to curl out this meaningless trash onto their website and perhaps we can have a whip-round and replace it with something better; a rerun of "Bod" maybe?

I leave you with the final word on the matter from a certain Mr Hicks.

PS: This is the second time I have posted a response like this in a few days. If only we had more fascinating storage articles. Sort it out Reg!

PPS: If I look to right of these comments I see 8 articles in "Spotlight". 50% are DevOps of which 100% are total twaddle.

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