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I'm in a similar situation. I've been migrating my customer's Windows servers to Linux for sometime now. Penguinland is far from perfect, but is a hundred times better than Microsoft's Invisibly Walled Garden. And, if you know where to search, you can find online the solutions to most issues. When that's not the case, programs and OS are being continuously patched.

I'm also campaigning for migrating desktops to Linux and Libre Office whenever possible. I've installed almost a dozen of Linux desktops already.

For the vintage Windows programs that the company can't live without, a VM running whatever lightweight old windows version the program needs usually fixes the issue without too much effort. The Windows VM doesn't need to receive security patches, as it's not even connected to the Internet. Windows XP FTW! :-)

So far, the strategy is working all right and the customers seem happy.

MS should be noticing anytime now that alienating both customers and techies is not a winning strategy. It'll be too late, though.

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