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Well it's not stupidity, as such; it's that nobody has enough time or interest to learn everything. You've got to have enough background to realise just how much of a dick move that is.

You have to know that:

-W10 is a surveillance device

-MS are overriding users wishes and re-enabling the nagware after the computer's *owner* has deliberately searched out the setting and turned it off

-MS are now enabling it on domain linked machines after saying they wouldn't.

-This will probably pop up the "Do you want to do it now or later" box that many people are going to press the wrong button on because it was designed to do exactly that

-Domain-linked machines mainly belong to businesses which are likely to have legacy apps; OS specific/custom software: other people's data or a combination

-Thanks to the collapse of safe harbour, attempts from US companies to involuntarily extract data are to be treated like any other hostile foreign power trying to hack you. Pressing the "OK, do it to me" button quite possibly counts as negligence if you're a data-holder you have to know all that to get the full import of how fucked up this latest move is (seriously, if I was actively trying to bring Microsoft down, I honestly can't think of a better way of doing it than behaving as they are right now). Most people aren't going to know all that because it's been spread over a period of time and -frankly- it's a bit boring. I have to pay attention because I'm sitting on a stack of other people's passwords and because I sometimes do IT for other people. It will have a direct impact on my life, in other words.

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