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If you want real fun though, do the same under the XP you're dual booting with (yes it's possible), where you have no native support for AHCI and no way to install any drivers because the relevant PCI device is not showing up until you actually activate AHCI in the BIOS, by which time you can't actually boot anymore...

You do not know pain until you install Windows 2000 Pro and Linux on an IDE disk, get them happy, then decide that IDE drives aren't trustworthy, so you install a SCSI card and disk, get those working in both OSes, then do the big migration to the new (to you) SCSI disks.

Linux usually is just fine after a tweak of the bootloader configuration and a re-load of the boot sector, Windows on the other hand…

Similar pain is experienced in physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) migrations.

"What about Linux" - its free but nothing supports it not even its own community half the time.

"Nothing"? Either your definitions are unreasonably tight or you're in denial.

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