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there are a number of SEPERATE issues here

1) Microsoft pushing a new OS ("Upgrade") through an update system and being FAR from truthful about it.

A) No excuse for this

2) people not liking the GUI of windows 10.

A) User preference and new generations of users will not understand why there was a fuss. *

3) the telemetry in windows 10.

A) 2 options here. 1) Installed on all free versions after end user is informed this is the cost if you take the free upgrade. 2) Microsoft SHOULD have to sell a paid for version WITHOUT ANY telemetry GUARANTEED to anyone who wants to pay. this way businesses can use 10 and still be compliant with any security or information regulations they have to comply with. I as a home user (W7 PRO) WOULD pay $€¢£¥₩₪฿₫₴₹ for a spyware free version of windows 10* (without the option of a telemetry free version then there is no "reasonable" option so an "informed choice" without being detrimental to the end user is not possible so the choice ceases to be fair due to the power and market dominance of the other party "Microsoft")

4) back porting the telemetry included in windows 10 back in to windows 8.x and windows 7 as an "update" and making it "recommended" and being divisive about its description and scope.

A) No excuse for this

5) software compatibility on windows 10.

A) well I suppose its called progress but if Microsoft were not pushing so hard and by devious methods people could see what is and is not compatible through testing or trial and error and make their own decisions. be that to upgrade windows and the other software or stay on the current versions of OS and software or change either OS and/or 3rd party software or any combination of the above.

* as I'm used to using the GUI of windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows for now if i was to update to a no spyware version of windows 10 to get a hopefully more secure OS. I probably would use classic shell or start10 to keep familiarity as much as possible for now..

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