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I am so glad

I turned off updates on the Win 7 laptop we use to communicate with the machine tools, it runs custom software orginally designed for XP and an actual serial port, but clunks along on win 7 and a RS232 to USB converter

If it goes to win10 I know the software wont be supported if it falls over, and without that, we wont be able to send data to and from about 16 machines/robots... cue much lost money (about 35-40 pounds per hour per machine)

Luckily for us the big milling machines all use Heinenhien controls.... praise be to their wisdom of dumping windows and building their control on top of a custom linux distro.

PS our machines robots are small ones in the £80 000 to £150 000 range... some companies use machines costing £1 million plus and on windows based controls..... automatic update anyone? thought not.

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