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I know you said "no rebuttal possible" so you are already as close minded as a Trump supporter standing by the wall with a gun ready to defend the USofA from illegals, but I'm going to try anyway.

If Apple was trying to use this to "extract revenue" why would they license this to allow others to sell MFi cables? Considering you can buy them for only a few dollars, if Apple is collecting a royalty on them it couldn't amount to more than a few pennies. The idea that this could extract "several extra billions of dollars" is ridiculous. Even if Apple was the only one who sold these cables (as anyone will readily admit the ones Apple sells are very overpriced) exactly how many cables do you think the average iPhone owner buys in a year or in their life?

When I bought my iPhone 5 and wanted a few extra/spare Lightning cables (one for my laptop bag, one for my suitcase when traveling, for next to my bed) to replace the old 30 pin connector spares I had, I found they were pretty pricey. Not unexpected since Lightning had just been introduced. So I waited a few months, and then bought a bag of three off eBay for $10.

Wait until all the Android users have to replace their micro USB cables with USB-C cables. Without paying those MFi license fees, they might be able to get them for less than I paid. I'm gonna feel SO ripped off by Apple if it turns out I paid several dollars more than them!

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