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Sitting here

I'm sitting here on my Linux box reading all the bitching about forced upgrades and so on laughing, then I suddenly stopped and thought for a second. In business as we know time is money, I earn regardless, anyway how much time are you using to play whack-a-mole, seriously, how much time and expense has it caused companies so far, expecially those small outfits where it's not worth having a domain for the secretary? someone said about updates, I can tell you this as fact, on an i5 Haswell, 1gig net link, ssd it took from a fresh windows 7 install 2 1/2 hours... I thought about that and thought okay so he updated to 10 as well, nope, that's just updates to where 10 could be installed, so I installed PCLinuxOS from 2014, December to be exact, 1000+ packages to update.. gulp, how many? clicked apply... apply 10 mins all done, installed kernel update, reboot, works, 10 minutes on my machine (i5, 90MB/s net ssd)

For all that MIcrosoft has done and continue to do to it's customers, why do people defend it, seriously if it was anyone else they'd be murder I tell ya :)

I often will summarily end such discussions amongst the "blindozed" when they suggest turning off, disabling this and that in their unholy holey OS etc - "Say you found out that your rental home was rampant with spy cameras, hidden microphones and one-way mirrors, you are comfortable to continue living there... covering each subsequently discovered peep hole with roll after roll of masking tape?


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