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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

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The fact that a group policy option exists to prevent GWX bullshit from infecting your system does not make it okay, nor should we pretend that this is somehow an acceptable state of affairs.

If you want Windows 10 you should have to go download Windows 10. It should emphatically not be part of nagware presented as part of Windows Update, and is especially shouldn't be part of nagware in the "important" or "critical" categories!

Using Windows Update for this shit is not okay.

Removing control of Windows Update from us in Windows 10 is not okay.

Installing spyware against our will is not okay.

Not being able to turn off spyware is not okay.

Having a knob to turn off spyware and then having that spyware NOT TURN OFF is even more not okay!

Forcing the ribbon bar on us as part of Windows Explorer is not okay.

Integrating local searches with web searches is not okay. There is no rational reason Microsoft needs to know the contents of anything on my network or what I am seaching for on my network. EVER.

Oh, and the so-called start menu in Windows 10 is a piece of shit.

But other than that, Windows 10 is fine.

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