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Wade Burchette Silver badge

I had another update unhide itself

I hid KB3035583 hidden. A few weeks later, there it was, unhidden and checked. Thankfully, I manually install updates because several security updates interfere with Windows Sever Essentials Client Restore. (So far, the ones I've identified are: 3033929, 3035131, 3042058, 3045999,3046049, 3057154, 3060716, 3061518, 3067505, 3071756, 3080079, 3081320, 3088195, 3101246, 3101746. I think it is very annoying how Microsoft's own updates break a Microsoft product.)

Today, several new updates were in my Win7 update queue an lo and behold, one was unhidden yet again, but this time not checked. KB2952664. My vigilance to stop Win10 on my machine is eternal.

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