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Are we techies modern day Cassandras?

I think we might -as a class- be both more sensitive to this sort of stuff and be better at visualising the implications than the average bear. Analysing complex situations; identifying bad shit incoming and heading it off at the pass is what we do. Microsoft of late has been jumping on all the wrong buttons....surveillance; bullying; decreased security; and lack of control, not to mention malware tactics that we're trained to resist. Almost instinctively, by the time you get to my age. Techies tent to be a bit egalitarian, too, so this colossal arrogance and contempt towards their customers grates somewhat.

We're all used to Microsoft being dicks; but up until now it was mainly to their competitors; and that's business; where all are playing the game voluntarily. We've seen precursors of this sort of behaviour (You WILL like what our designers say is good for you in Windows 8; You WILL like the ribbon bar in Office; you WILL give up all thoughts of offline play with the XBox1); but those were all products you could simply not buy if you objected (and I did object. Pity about the console because Sony aren't getting any of my money either. Still, Steam exists...). This is the first time Microsoft has gone full balls-to-the-wall jihad on their customers. An operating system is different to other's the bottom tin of beans in the supermarket display.

There was some squawking in the mainstream press about Windows 10 being -basically- a surveillance device; but possibly even if these update shenanigans were widely reported I reckon a lot of people wouldn't get -or wouldn't care about- the implications.

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