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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

Anthony Hegedus Silver badge

The thing is, I *like* windows 10 (much as I *like* not having to use windows xp) but that's not the point. Windows 10 is, in and of itself, more or less OK (apart from the usual microsoft crashes), BUT... it's the upgrade procedure that doesn't work. We've upgraded several machines and found problems in at least 50% of cases:

- old versions of Sage don't work

- search bar doesn't work

- control panel doesn't start

- Outlook doesn't work (come on MS, seriously?)

- "previous versions" which worked in win 7, doesn't work in win 10

Most of these are fixable, but when people realise that a) they might have any or all of the above problems (which are fixable, but again, that's beside the point) and b) it might take a couple of hours to do

It's totally disingenuous to make people upgrade to something when chances are it'll cause them problems. Perhaps if Microsoft actually wrote software than worked for a change, it would be OK. But seriously, I am so pissed off with everything from microsoft either being shrouded in unfathomable rules or just plain not working.

Take outlook 2013 and 2016. They don't work with IMAP accounts. They *look* like they will, but they don't sync all the folders all of the time on some installations.

The whole thing is abusive. I hope microsoft flounder this year too, like many other posters on here

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