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If you want real fun though, do the same under the XP you're dual booting with (yes it's possible), where you have no native support for AHCI and no way to install any drivers because the relevant PCI device is not showing up until you actually activate AHCI in the BIOS, by which time you can't actually boot anymore...

It's actually quite easy to get XP running AHCI. But it's a bit convoluted, if that isn't a contradiction. With the correct Intel or AMD AHCI driver you install to the correct IDE controller, reboot, switch (back) to AHCI in the BIOS, and it works.

otoh, back when I used to use RAID - about a decade ago - I added the 3 RAID driver components and edited the 2 or 3 setup text files and burned a new XP disc, which then installed the RAID drivers at the beginning of setup. I've no doubt you can do this with AHCI too (though maybe you'd still have to begin in IDE mode. However, on my AMD system, these days it appears to be the same driver as for RAID, e.g. X:\AMD\RAID\Driver\WinXP\x64\ahcix64.*). I haven't made an AHCI XP disc because it's more trouble than it's worth if you almost never actually boot XP.

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