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Re: @RIBrsiq: which 'outlet' did you source it from

Like fuck do I love it. Already lost an hour this week trying to switch a user's BYOD laptop's (Win 10) wired network port from "public" to "work" in order to get network discovery going. In Portuguese. God help me when I have to do the same with something in Chinese.

For some reason M$ decided to spread all the network settings out across a dozen different control panels, but link them up so that some functionality is duplicated across some control panels, but not all. Add in a dose of retina burning colour, hiding the control panels in a stupid slide out side bar, and just randomly putting the UI components in a black bag, shaking it up and drawing them out like some kind of lottery...

And at the end of the day, the software they wanted to download off the laboratory server (hence the network discovery) didn't f***ing run on it.

Windows 10 is like some kind of Beta. It's dreadful.

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