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"Linux: "Good morning, only 15,473 software updates so far today."

Thank you for your informed comment. Now let's look at reality.

First, and I can't speak for other versions, but with Debian updates arrive as they're ready. You can install them when you wish but it would be silly to not offer an important update promptly because today's the first Wednesday in the month & we only release on the first Tuesday.

Today brought 5 updates. I can tell the system to update. It tells me what's to be done including the following:

"Need to get 2,560 kB of archives.

After this operation, 1,024 B disk space will be freed."

but then asks for confirmation to go ahead rather than just doing it.

It took a second to download and a few more seconds to install. But look again at the second of those lines I quoted. Not only does the upgrade process tell you what the impact on the file system is going to be, sometimes it actually releases space.

The Linux upgrade process these days is in a universe Microsoft hasn't even thought about visiting.

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