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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs



I like Windows 8/8.1, and I am not interested in "upgrading".

Still, my office PC hasn't had updates since august 2014 (and nothing has broken), and hasn't been upgraded to 8.1 yet. No real need.

My home desktop is on 8.0 ... same story. My laptop is on 8.1 with updates disabled when this circus act began.

Every PC I go near now gets given the "no updates" treatment. The relative risk of the issues those updates tend to fix is considerably less than the risk of the GW malware, which is ultimately what that is. I'll pick and choose if I need to install any update from now on thanks.

Forcing it on home users... nasty. Forcing it on business and domain joined systems... un-f***ing acceptable.

About the only positive thing 10 has done so far is increase our revenue from helping people straighten systems back out and get them operational again (almost always by binning 10)

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