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There's going to have to be a backlash at some point.

Online advertising in the UK costs every working person £240 per year (see here and here; £7.2billion / 30million = £240ish). They pay for that through the price of goods in the shops. The Consumer always pays.

The likes of Google, etc, depend on growing that. But at what point does it become unsustainable? At what point does the population start turning away from advertised products, throwing their devices in the bin wholesale? Will that happen when online advertising is worth £1000 / wage earner, £2000, £10,000? £10,000 would be like having a second mortgage for most people. Yet Google's entire reson d'etre is to achieve that.

I reckon if you asked someone was Google Maps worth as much to them as their house, they'd say no. Half? Tenth?

At some point the sense of proportion will have to kick in, especially if the economy goes wrong again.

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