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A Question of Consistency?

How many people here have an Android mobile phone?

How many people here use Google/Bing/etc search engine, maps, mail, etc?

How many people here have a Nest, FitBit, or anything like it?

If you do, then you already are a fucking product.

How many of those who said yes are vehemently opposed to Windows 10? Fine, but it is inconsistent. I'm not saying that's wrong (it's right, it's your choice, our 'free' world, etc). However, MS are going to be saying, "Why us?". Of course the very fact that they'd be asking that question shows how out of touch they are, especially with their corporate customers. At this rate they won't have customers at all.

Me? So far fending off Windows 10, I'm using Oscobo for search, my mobile is BlackBerry, I have made my own arrangements for email, I don't have a Twitter, I do have a (dormant) Facebook, and BlackBerry maps are fine for getting places apart from in Japan. And yet the prices of things in shops and restaurants still contribute to Google's / everyone else's cash pile - advertising is really not free. My employer also has to advertise online to survive - that's a lot of money not going into salaries.

The whole thing stinks. It's one massive market gouge.

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