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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

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@Shufflemoomin - The "poke and hope" approach can and does go wrong sometimes. Sometimes it's the network driver that fails which means that -if you don't have another device to look things up on the internet with- you can have problems. These days when pretty well everyone has a phone it's not usually insurmountable; but those of us who have checkmated themselves in the past have a bit more of a cautious approach to these things.


1) Backup so you can get back to the starting line in case things go wrong

2) Give your target OS a spin in a VM first. Not definitive because the VM piggybacks on the host OS's drivers; but can show up problems and is good practice (and practise) anyway. You want to know how your basic security works (antivirus, firewall etc.) works and be able to install it quickly before showing your new final install to the internet in any event. You can also use the VM to test the various applications you intend to use; test which OS flavour suits you and generally get over the 'blowing shit up' stage with no harm done.

3) If it's windows you're moving from, fire up something like SIW ( and check the physical devices your machine has; the availability of drivers; and have them all downloaded locally and ready to go. Video, sound, network (and pointing devices if you're using anything non-standard) as a minimum. Touchpad too, if it's a laptop.

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