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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

Trevor_Pott Gold badge

The lightning connector thing is indeed one time where Apple came close. And if you want to have a similar conversation about Microsoft let's have a nice long conversation about VDI licensing. Or that per-core bullshit they're pulling.

But you know what? I put that all to one side. There are financial issues and there are ethical ones.

Playing silly buggers to make people pay more money is one thing. It's not great, but it's business. I'll fight that with any vendor, and they'll fight me right back. That's just the way things are.

Abusing the updates system to push nagware, spyware, entire unwanted operating systems and override clearly set user choices (repeatedly!) is absolutely not okay. That's crossing an ethical line. It's a breach of trust.

Similarly, "You aren't allowed to manage your own updates" is absolutely NOT treating customers with respect. It is saying that customers can't choose what they would like to run, and telling them that having the operating system made as cheap to support for Microsoft as possible is more important than any requirements, desires or so forth that *all* customers have.

With the faith broken, and Microsoft looking down their long noses at their own customers, why should I believe that Microsoft won't just push down a massive UI change against our will, just because they can? Or maybe even an API change that renders existing applications non-functional? Every argument you might raise is invalid because Microsoft has broken the faith and the trust is gone. No reason seems to exist behind their choices and no reasons can be expected to temper their future choices.

So yeah: Apple gouge you. But they really only gouge you for money.

Microsoft want your privacy, your security, your very right to control your own operating system and computing ecosystem to be removed from you. And they're not above breaking the sacred trust of an operating system update mechanism to do it.

Bring on the Mac, baby. Even if it costs more.

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