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On a side note...

... I've noticed that MS has been using other nefarious tricks to force W10 down everybody's throats. Summarizing, Windows Update has been borked in such a way that if you need to reinstall W7* from scratch -e.g due to HDD issues- in an "old" machine (in this context, "old" means "more than 3 years old") the process is slow as hell and generally speaking a PITA.

Just searching for the available OS updates takes several hours and once you get the full list of updates, downloading them takes forever even if you use a fast connection. Once you have the updates downloaded, the install process itself is slow and extremely unreliable, so you need to keep an eye on it for several more hours.

Disclaimer: I'm well aware that most fellow commentards are well aware of these issues, but I consider said issues are obviously related to -and fit too well with- the MS's bullying methods described in the article.

FY, Microsoft, with a cactus!

*Note: To this day, I haven't had to do this in W8.x machines, due to most of my customers following my advice and not purchasing/installing W8.x.

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