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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs


This is a stupid move by M$

Our company like many other's have door and alarm security PC's, managed by third parties and I bet quite a few of them are going to be caught up in this stupidity.

This reeks of pure desperation, their "200 million" figure is a joke, considering it's been proven this includes X-Boxes and phones. Show us the actual PC install number M$ or are you too afraid it's going to show Win 10 is a shambles just like Win 8 was?

What I want to know is, once the free period is over and you need to pay for Win 10 as part of new PC purchases etc. will they release a version without the data slurping, so like Windows 7 through 8.1, we have control over our OS we bought with our PC using our money?

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