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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs

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Then again linux does work well with older hardware so if your all running the same x-brand laptop from 3 years ago then could be worthwhile, save for any unique business applications.

Around here, the march of the penguin seems unstoppable.

24 months ago we had an engineering department of 8 people. Two of those used Linux, one dual booting (mostly a Linux user), the other, yours truly, running almost exclusively Linux.

18 months ago, much the same numbers, but now one had decided to ditch Windows on his machine and move to Linux. Others were running Linux in VMs.

In the last 12 months:

- our engineering manager has gone from running pure Windows 8.1, to dual-booting with Ubuntu, to booting out Windows altogether.

- we've brought on two more people, who are pretty much full-time Linux users

- one of our engineers had a laptop (running Windows 7) fail whilst on-site. Long story short, in a hurry he bought a HP Envy, which came pre-loaded with Windows 10. Once back from site, he gave the machine an exorcism and now runs pure Ubuntu.

So the count was 6 Windows users, two Linux users, it's now more like 3 Windows users, 10 Linux users. I've threatened to move to BSD just to differentiate myself (although I run Gentoo instead of Ubuntu, so maybe different enough).

Outside of engineering, the idea of running Windows in a VM (using a copy-on-write image) with Linux as the host has been discussed and genuinely considered as a tempting option.

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