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And screw the admins anyway...

And the latest GWX disables those policy settings "if they've been manually set" (I believe that's the term that was used).

Now I'm guessing that means if you use gpedit.msc to set them, you're fine; but if you set them with a script, or a GPP, or manually with regedit, they'll be disabled - and your administrative changes get overridden by some dickwad manager at Microsoft.

Even large orgs are going to get hit with this, as there will doubtless be non-domain-joined PCs in weird parts of the network, probably with direct WU configuration rather than reaching through firewalls etc for WSUS. Yes, they COULD do it another way, but when you have to allow a DMZ-connected PC doing some weird task to reach in through multiple firewalls to your WSUS infrastructure, or just let it hit the net (as it's doing for $Task) for updates - which do you think many will do?

I supported the first GWX - and my support disappeared as soon as it became clear that MS has completely lost the plot (reissuing new ways to nag). It's now BS of the highest order.

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