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Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide


You don't let *them* do it FFS - you use the GWX Control panel as a tool* to save *you* time rather than dicking around in the registry on every machine.

Then when the user asks 'How did you do that?', you can give them the 'Ancient Microsoft White Paper Incantation. If I told you...' spiel. How the hell are we going to get mythical priesthood class for IT if you inform the great unwashed of details of exorcisms we perform? Geez**....

* I try tools on my own kit before experimenting on clients, that's just professionalism.

** This is one of the few Mondays of the year where my hair isn't on fire, there is peace on my clients networks, and I'm relaxing by the fire with some warm cider ;)

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