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I remember the Apple Lisa prototype just after I left university. We had the ZX81 kits, but since we were using real computers(PDP & VAX) at the time, the ZX line were just toys at best.

Regarding W8, you should've tried it, and upgraded to W8.1 Pro. Better than Windows 7 by a country mile. In fact so far the best OS they have done, although you have to reverse out the MS spying updates the same as W7.

I never use the metro interface. Ever. I use W8.1 like a W7 desktop with the only change being that I didn't bother adding back the start menu, and got used to searching to find any program I need. Far quicker that way anyway. The desktop mode is otherwise virtually identical to W7 for all intents and purposes.

In terms of resources W8 and 8.1 are leagues ahead of W7 in terms of efficiency and resource use. Especially RAM. Your 'didn't bother' comment is quite common with many people who missed the peak of MS OS offerings.

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