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I got lots of people asking me for the last year about Linux.

Many people have more than one computer lately, so plenty of people is now toying with Ubuntu, Mint, etc on their secondary/old computer.

Of all the non-Linux users that I have helped to run Mint on a second computer, not a single one has removed it, I keep being asked questions about how to run stuff or what program is good in Linux for task "X" from many of them.

There is certainly more interest lately, and while in years past I was getting many "This is rubbish" now I get "Hey it is not bad at all, maybe not as complete, but not bad".

IMHO Linux keeps getting better all the time, in some areas slower than others, at some point it will reach the "good enough" point for what most people do at home.

Also something I have noted of late, plenty of people appreciate Linux recovery CD's and tools to do stuff on Windows, like cloning or recovery, tools like GParted or Clonezilla may not have the 1001 bells and whistles that some commercial software do, but can save you lots of $$$ and on most home-like scenarios do 100% of what's required if these type of tools.

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