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"Yes we have choices. Why are you suggesting we choose to have less choices?"


I am suggesting more choice is a good thing; and an advantage of smart-meters. You can choose to stay on the same tariff like UN24 (single rate, uncontrolled) the same as a dumb meter, so no change other than LCD display rather than dials. Staying on the old plan, might even be an advantage in some non-typical usage cases.

Analysis (and real world usage - smartmeters are not new) is pretty clear that there is generally an advantage to both customers and the utilities to go for peak/off peak pricing.

"There is no power to offload The turbines are either spinning or they are not. The kettles will go on during the adverts. If you've got some magical grid storage device then patent it. You will be rich very quickly"

The UK has plenty of apparently (to you) magical grid storage devices. Look up STOR for a start. There are some very interesting systems in the UK including Dinorwig.

One thing that might surprise you as well; there are (rare) periods when spot prices go negative; that is the system pays consumers to consumer more power as they have a surplus they need to offload.

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