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UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim


UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim

"Coming back to Smartmeters, just how and why do you think somebody in Whitehall or wherever are going to “remotely switch off our washing machine mid-cycle or our freezer or our fridge or our lights”?"

Simples. There is "Intelligence" and there is "Evidence". It's not possible to mix the two. Either you know something & keep it quiet or you make it public, in which case it becomes evidence.

Ask yourself one question. Why have our respective governments got so much of a hard-on to snoop upon their own populations?

There is money and there is power. It isn't money because just about any tin pot country could knock out all the satellites. That leaves power. Who vets the politicians?

We could watch "Yes Minister" for a laugh. My concern is for a civil servant with an agenda. They'll just want a decent pension but in their pursuit they'll leave behind a trail of shit legislation and advise the current political incumbent against making X a minister leaving Y as the choice.

Given that nothing about MP's gets into the media until they're nearly dead I'm inclined to think all of the ones in power have something to hide, or they wouldn't be such dicks.

There was an article (I think it was here on ElReg) about analyzing data via power usage. Why change something that works (dumb meters) for something (smart meters) that might not?

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