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Wait, you *overpay* your bill and you see that as a valid argument against smartmeters?

a) So keep doing that if you really want your supplier to earn interest you could be. Just having more accurate data in your bill, doesn't change when and how you pay

b) If you really want to even things out, switch to a retailer that offers fixed monthly direct debit payments. Called something like SmoothPay, LevelPay or other brand names, the system calculates averages over historical data and you end up achieving the same thing without overpaying. I don't know them, but eonenergy for one offer this.

Yeah, governments will shaft you, companies will to. You can wear tin-foil hats, shake your stick at 'em, but whether you have spinning dials in the meter or a computer in there will make little difference either way. Only thing that makes me feel a little better is voting for the least offensive choice in politics and switching companies where possible, so I don't reward bad performance & crap service. And try to do a decent job on systems I work on.

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