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I might be that Kiwi

Enduring a bunch of downvotes, but damm it, was on the end of my Summer/Christmas holiday, somewhat bored and people keep posting dumb-arsed things about a topic I actually somewhat familiar with. .

Switching retailers is very possible in the UK as with other countries like NZ. I did mention the company I worked for sold into the UK right?

Pretty much any supplier could read any meter. Some lag in the UK still (no surprise reading some comments), as some retailers still don't have systems for dealing with HH data, so they fall back to aggregating HH data and treating a smart meter as a single monthly read. Worse case would be for a backwards supplier to resort to sending a bloke in a van around and reading the display on a monthly basis. Still more accurate than pre-smartmeter reads + estimates, but once smartmeter roll out is largely complete and retailers have all installed/upgraded systems for managing the data, then no reason the UK won't be like other markets and easier switching.

One UK retailer I know of had this to say:

OT, but I would think that most automatic washing machines like our one; you select if you want to use a hot, cold, or warm wash. We use cold and save power.

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