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Engaged! More marketwanker-speak

In the context of energy, "carbonwank-speak" is more appropriate. Ever since Blair created the "Department of Energy & Climate Change", a small army of civil servants has looked for every possible means of pushing you to use less energy than you do, because they have a mission to save the planet. And they earnestly believe that the population unknowingly waste vast amounts of energy, but if only we knew how many polar bear cubs our standby devices cost, then we'd change our evil ways, put on two jumpers, and sit in the dark, bored and shivering.

And that's where smart meters come in. Obviously the fairly chunky energy bills most of us regularly pay aren't incentive enough. But if only we all had a panel on the wall reading in kWh, £ and drowned polar bear cubs, then we'd all become "engaged" with DECC's cause.

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