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"Economy 7" has been around for decades in the UK. It is simple to use and understand

And about 35% of E7 customers would be better off on a standard flat rate tariff, to judge by industry experience. You need to have at least 40% of your total electricity demand in the off peak period, and that's a lot easier said than done. The only people who are better off on E7 are those with electric storage heaters and a fairly poorly insulated home. And even then they'd be better off switching to a flat rate tariff outside the main heating season.

If you have storage heaters and use E7, there's logic in using appliances during this period, but there's no point at all in having E7 if you don't have the significant storage heating load. And don't forget that E7 users have a higher daytime rate that takes back some of the perceived savings.

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