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...£100 manufactured, certified, installed?

Interesting. Manufacturing cost should be low, as there’s not much more than a pcb and display in a modern meter. They don’t use an expensive current transformer, but a shunt, just a strip of metal, with all the power factor correction and calibration in the embedded firmware. There’s no reason why that should cost more than a few tens of pounds for production in the far east. The biggest cost will be the installation labour, but that’s a one time cost across the life of the meter and could be contracted out to telco / internet companies. As for “going wrong and other issues” the companies themselves should foot the bill, but doubt if that will be the case.

...Even now, it is only UK government interpretation of EU law than mandates smart meters

Ah, come the revolution (referendum), we might even get to the state of being able to tell the eu to fsck itself at last, then governments of any colour will have no excuse :-)…

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