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Perhaps the real story is that now we've shut down all the steelworks it's no longer possible to reduce demand sufficiently just by turning off a couple of factories

Interrupting steel making like that never happened (on a planned basis anyway) because it would destroy the plant.

The reason for the current focus on "demand side response" is that politicians have commissioned all these crappy renewables, and without cheap power storage you end up with feast & famine scenarios for the grid. In Germany, their obsessive and expensive build out of renewables means that about three times a month the wholesale power price turns negative. That doesn't mean retail users like you and me get paid to use power, but it does completely fuck up the wholesale power markets and distribution grids, and DSR is hoped to be a way of managing that.

In reality, the way to reliable low carbon power was never wind turbines and PV (expensive, crap technologies in northern Europe) but was modestly over-provisioned non-EPR nuclear, backed a mix of OCGT and CCGT gas plant. This was obvious when Blair commissioned the energy policy that is delivering today, but he outsourced the decisions to his fuckwit mates in Greenpeace,

We are where we are, and its Shitty Mess Central. How do we get out of it? We can't because the politicians don't have the brains or the balls. But in theory we could by admitting that its a mess, cancelling all PV feed-in-tariffs, cancelling RO and CfD arrangements, cancelling Hinkley Point C, and starting again. In the short term build a shit load of cheap CCGT with a twenty year life, and in that twenty years design and build simple, effective nuclear plant (again, not EPR).

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