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Our smart meters (at work) work very well,

Speaking as somebody working for a company obligated to install millions of these meters, I can confirm that they often don't work. They use mobile phone networks, and all too often the location of the meter, be in under the stairs, or in a meter cupboard buried in a wall results in no adequate signal. There's a whole range of other problems, but I'm trying to keep it brief.

There's problems from start to finish with the whole smart meter concept, the business case, the technology and the implementation programme for UK smart meters. Government know this, but don't have the balls to admit they've fucked up, so as usual they press on.

Let's have a sense check:

Henney says smart meters are a pile of shit and won't work. He's got two engineering degrees and has worked in the electricity industry.

Rudd says they will work. She's got a degree in history, and after briefly working for Morgan Stanley and being "released" tried to forge a career in venture capital, then journalism, then human resources, before deciding that politics was a cushy world where you didn't need any talent.

So...who do we think is right? The posh totty from Cheltenham Ladies College who is great mates with that ghastly turd of a prime minister, or the bloke who knows how electricity is produced and delivered, and which end of a hammer to hold?

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