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Adding Insult to Injury?

Following serious sins in a previous life we have to live next door to a primary school. A couple of years ago someone decided that it would be a Good Idea if the playgound was illuminated durung the hours of darkness; the lights come on around 0600, off during daylight then on again until perhaps 1930/2000. Those times seem excessive but worse is to come...

Whoever set the system up had the wit to recognise that this lighting would not be required at weekends, but failed to take account of the fact that it would not be required during school holidays. As a result there was a two week period over the Christmas / New Year holiday when the lights dutifully came on, morning and evening to illuminate an area that would, by definition, be unoccupied.

"We" - council tax payers - have no option but to pay for this; that is itself bad enough. However if as a country we are trying to manage our energy consumption how could such a situation ever come about?

To quote Horace Walpole The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel. I just feel angry that we can have smart meters foisted on us with no clear picture of their (alleged) advantages and their full functional capabilities while waste such as that outlined above can occur.

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