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He,y meter manufacturers.....

someone convince me otherwise:

"Oh we just put the ashing machine on"..... electricity use has just gone up.

I just went round and turned off all the lights the teenage lad left on ... our electricity use just went down.

Its dark I want to read - I NEED a light on ... our electricity use just went up

A couple of years ago we had solar panels fitted, now we look at the weather forecast and think "lets put the washing machine on at 11am and the dishwasher at 1pm 'cos its going to be sunny tomorrow"

We have CHOSEN to have a green electricity supplier, not 'cos they are the cheapest, but because that is what we WANT.

Since having solar fitted I have taken electricity meter readings every week, I know exactly what our energy usage is and why it has peaks and troughs.

Why the feck would I want to PAY to have a smart meter fitted?

It aint going to tell me anything I don't already know.

My reasoning is that the meter manufacturers have either got compromising photos of Rudd or a nice non exec directorship lined up for her.... end of.

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