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Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide



The two Registry keys live in non-extant subfolders on my system, and my system won't let me create them (unless I'm missing something.)

Should I just take a trip up to Redmond with a box of hammers to throw? I've already put about six hours into killing this damned nag (several times, now...) and I'm about to send those idiots a bill for my time!

Tell me - is there something I'm missing? Because this is driving me batty (yes, I know the nag will "go away" on its own in a few months, but I'm damned near ready to blow shit up NOW because it won't go away! I don't want to have to wait a few months for it to go away on its own, I don't plan on getting Win10 anyhow.

Hell, I think Win2K was where they should have stopped. Win7 is acceptable, I didn't much care for XP, I can't stand 8, reports from the field on 10 are uniformly negative, ...

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