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"A pervert would climb a tree and use a telephoto lens."

No sir, a pervert these days would subvert the cameras included for no readily apparent reason into your IoT lightbulbs and stream video of you to YouTube while he and his pals laughed their faces off.

Stop admiring the shiny for a moment and think. If Boggs and his 3 man crew *weren't* the neighborhood trash, why aren't his outraged neighbors demanding justice for him?

There's a clear subtext in this story. I'm not saying it's the one I'm hinting at, but doesn't it strike anyone else that it's suspicious how quiet everyone else in the nabe is being? How many times has Boggs decamped mob-handed to sort out some issue?

Okay, forget the thug gang factor.

Three (male) pals just happened to be nearby? Four guys? With a drone-mounted camera? And young girls sunbathing?

That's called reasonable doubt and is why the case was thrown out of criminal court.

Boggs is now relying on Preponderance of Evidence to make the dice fall his way in civil court. He thinks he is onto a winner because Shotgunguy admits firing the gun *at* the drone - I doubt this was Boggs' own idea. Some ambulance-chasing bottom feeder personal liability attorney has likely been agitating.

And now Shotgunguy has to lawyer up.

All because Boggs either doesn't have the sense evolution gave a cowpat or he thought with his three bros on hand he could behave any damned way he liked.

At least, that's how it looks to me in the absence of any actual facts.

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