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I saw the headline and thought, I'm not going to read this as it will get me all annoyed and I'll end up ranting into the comments. Well, here we are.

How exactly are these meters smart? Sending usage data back directly to the provider? Sounds like a smart way to cut the salary bills of the private utility companies, for the benefit of their shareholders.

It's not like these will have fine-grained control over every plug socket and light switch in the house to tune usage. It's an on or off remote control of the electricity stopcock... about as dumb as you can possibly get!

If you want to monitor usage why not just buy one of those gadgets that count the flashing light on most meters. Then ask people to hook it up to their wifi to submit readings over the web to the provider. Ok so not everyone has wifi but enough to ease the meter reading aggro on the provider.

Or a better idea, why not just stck with the current system of asking people to submit their own meter readings online? Gives you exactly the same information as to power usage as a smart meter.

Does anyone know the actual power usage of these smart meters? Presume the provider will pick up the bill? Or whichever Baroness Sir Something Wotsit decided to spend our money on them?

Better off just rectifying the under investment in critical infrastructure over the last 40 years and buying some nice new nuke stations instead. I know there are some in the pipeline but however many that is, double it.

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