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Cocky SpaceX will try another sea landing with next rocket launch


Three points:

1) The return to launch site (land) landing requires a lot of performance reserve, that is not available for a lot of missions to be flown on the Falcon 9 FT rocket version. Those flights will just have to satisfy to a barge landing in the future as well.

2) Future Falcon 9 Heavy rocket version will have three booster cores. The side boosters will return to land after separating from the launcher, but the center booster core will continue to so high velocity, that it does not have margin to land on land. That center booster will continue to do barge landings.

3) This Jason 3 launch is being performed on the older version (Falcon 9 1.1) rocket which has less performance than the one that flew before the holidays (Falcon 9 FT). But even if it had Falcon 9 FT, it might not have enough performance to do a land landing on this flight.

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