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"In Mint KDE I have to go CLI maybe once or twice a week. On Windows 7 I have to go CLI maybe once or twice a year."

What are you doing that requires that? That's extraordinary.

I can't remember the last tie I dropped to the CLI in Mint KDE. Usually it just to add a PPA and even that I can do via the GU 'software sources.' So what the heck are you doing? And are you sure you're not missing the GUI? I mean, KDE is famous for allowing GUI control of EVERYTHING!

However it is, I doubt very much that your experience is the norm.

Yeah, I play about a lot. The point is I use both, and play with both in the same way.

However, after I'd posted I thought actually it's more like once or twice a month in Mint once the initial setup is done - only the editing window had gone.

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