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>>it has mistakenly doubled down on its absurd drone registration idea…

Requiring registration numbers on RCMAs (Remote Controlled Model Aircraft) will be helpful for cases such as their getting tangled in power lines or lodged in building exteriors. Carbon fibre is often used on higher end craft and it's electrically conductive. I'm sure the power company will like to know who to bill for repairs when they are called out to pull one out of their high voltage lines. There is a State capitol building the in US that has/had a RCMA lodged at the top edifice of the dome with no way to retrieve it short of a very tall and very expensive crane. A gust of wind pushed it into the building and it was stuck. A person was flying off his high-rise deck in New York (poorly) and damaged one enough banging into other high-rise buildings for it to crash missing a person on the ground by a meter. The guy it nearly crashed on was clever enough to sell the video footage from the memory card to the local TV news. The footage is on YouTube.

If the mad drone photographer was just having a go flying his 'copter, why wasn't in front of the homes instead of around back?

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