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I love that you've gotten 13 downvotes for this.

It's all "We wanted to get into an outrage and harrumph over someone invading people's privacy! How dare you bring FACTS and DATA into the case which shows it isn't nearly as clear-cut a case of peeping tommery as we want it to be! HARRUMPH! I say, HARRUMPH!"

Get over yourselves. Privacy isn't as all-sacrosanct a right as you think, and not all measures are justifiable in protecting it. You want to enjoy privacy, erect a physical barrier between you and people who can potentially see you. We do this all the time, they're called WALLS! And FENCES, and ROOFS. The dude with the drone is in the right here - Kentucky McShotgun was just itching to blast him one of those dat-burnt newfangled snoopin' machines and he took a well-aimed long shot. That doesn't make him a heroic paladin of privacy, it make him the arsehole who shot down someone's drone when it was way, way the hell out of his business.

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