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Not smart enough

These terms "energy security" and "fuel poverty" are new to me as a Yank. I could google them, but it's more fun to guess what they mean.

"Energy security" literally means "Being in a state of reliable energy supply." How does overturning the metering system in such a big way help? Are the meters not working right at this time?

"Fuel Poverty" I don't quite get. Is it a lack of money to buy fuel? Naah, that would be plain old poverty. Hmmm. Maybe the fuel itself is impoverished? Not good enough? Maybe, but the stated goal is "for people to reduce their bills and use less energy, therefore creating fewer carbon emissions." How does forcing people to use less fuel reduce fuel poverty?

Oh I get it! It's the Warmist government that is suffering fuel poverty, having decided for the entire nation that less fuel is good. Wait, that would mean more fuel poverty, not less...

I'm confused. Is this just doublespeak?

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